Charles Ross Anderson

Salt Lake City, Utah & Cameron, Montana


I am an avid fisherman who has fished the Madison River for over 50 years. As part of my midlife crisis, I designed and built a green log cabin 37 years ago in Cameron, MT on the Rising Sun Mountain Estates. I am a graduate Civil Engineer with a BS degree with honors from the The University of Utah. I also have an MBA from Harvard. I owned and ran a 100 man engineering firm for over 40 years. I am a registered professional engineer in 18 states including Montana. I have been married for 58 years and have 5 children and 16 grandchildren who all love Montana, the Madison River and our cabin.

Why do you want to be on the Board of Directors for the Madison River Foundation?

I have some ideas for projects and activities for the Foundation that would hopefully bring in more members and improve the financials.

What makes our mission meaningful to you?

The Madison River is growing in popularity and use every year and needs our protection. I have observed this first hand in my lifetime. We need to protect the Madison while we still can. I recently read where it is the most watershed river in Montana. It needs our full attention!!!

What experience would you bring to the MRF board?

I have been on the Metropolitan Water District Board of Salt Lake City, UT and the Provo River Water Users Association for 20 years which assures the quality of water and regulates the flow of the river and storage in a 150,000-acre-foot reservoir owned, improved and maintained by the Bureau of Reclamation. We recently spent $60 million to install a pipeline between the reservoir, Provo River and SLC. I was chairman of the engineering committee for this multiyear project.

What interests you about our organization? Which aspect of our organization interests you most?

I have attended several fundraisers in the early summer sponsored by the MRF. I also recently attended a Henry's Fork Foundation fundraiser and auction in SLC this spring which attracted hundreds of participants and raised considerable money. I would think the MRF could something similar in future years. I also would like to see more emphasis on water quality and conservation efforts. More coordination is needed between NE Energy and the Foundation on released of water from Hebgen.

What is your favorite project the foundation has worked on and why?

Buying the land and providing riparian habitat around 3 dollar bridge. Also providing some sort of barrier at the canal near 8-mile ford to prevent trout entering the canal.

Do you support Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks recommendations for the Madison River Recreation Plan? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe the Madison River needs a recreation plan. I think the MFWP has done a wonderful job of including all interests in developing its recommendations. There are too much commercial use of the Madison River and too many floaters using the river. I own a drift boat but prefer to wade.

Do you support walk-in wade only sections on the Madison River? Why or why not?

Walk-in wade fishing is my preferred method of fishing the Madison. I often have to walk for over an hour to get to areas to fish which don't have too many anglers and floaters pounding the river. I have had floaters fish in the same exact area I am fishing. Very rude!!!

Do you believe that the fishery will be impacted by overuse?

Yes, a survey several years ago estimated that over 80% of the native trout were caught over the season based on hooking scars on their mouth. I have seen fishermen and women hold trout out of the water for several minutes. A trout may swim away after being released but most die if held out of water for over 30 seconds. I strongly support and practice catch and release!!

How important is advocacy on local, state, and federal policies to you?

Very important to let all entities, administrators, politicians that regulate the river know our feeling and advocate for proper policies that protect the river and our way of life.

What experience do you have with fundraising?

I have been on many boards at the University of Utah and helped raise money for the expansion of the football stadium. I have been a member of the U of U's President's National Advisory Council, whose major role is to promote and raise funds.

How would you plan to increase fundraising for the Foundation as Board of Director?

I have offered to sell my Madison River Map and Guide to the MRF for my cost or $2.00 each to be promoted and sent out to all new members. Also, I would like to see the Foundation start and promote fundraising events in SLC and other major cities near the river such as Bozeman.

How much time a month can you commit to meetings and serving the mission of the Foundation?

I am retired and can spend as much time as needed to attend the meeting and promote the Foundation. I would like the excuse to come to Montana more often. I also sell 5 maps of the Yellowstone area to the local fly shops and am in Montana very frequently. I also love to fish.