Richard Rohrbaugh

Cameron, Montana & Lake Oswego, Oregon


A retired college professor taught 31 years at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. First fished the Madison in 1947 as a small boy and have been here annually ever since. A homeowner on the Sundance Bench since 1986, a resident there for half the year since 2002. MRF life member, TU member, FFI member, FFI fly tying instructor/demonstrator, Central Oregon Fly Tiers’ Guild member/instructor. Guide for Healing Waters veterans’ group; volunteer with Warriors and Quiet Waters. Madison Stream Team volunteer (monitoring West Fork water quality). Outdoor activities: fly fishing, hunting, skiing, climbing, backpacking.

Why do you want to be on the Board of Directors for the Madison River Foundation?

The Madison River is one of the premier cold-water fisheries in the USA and the life-blood of the Madison Valley. Conservation/stewardship of the river is incumbent on all of us to ensure the next generation can enjoy what has been so rewarding for us.

What makes our mission meaningful to you?

The MRF is the primary organization committed to the conservation/stewardship of the river and deserves the time, effort and support of all who care about the river.

What experience would you bring to the MRF board?

I have served on a number of boards in professional organizations and the local (county) boards of both Trout Unlimited and FFI.

What interests you about our organization? Which aspect of our organization interests you most?

Advocacy on policies affecting water quality and fishery health. Riparian restoration, which is the most important conservation effort we can currently undertake.

What is your favorite project the foundation has worked on and why?

The upcoming riparian restoration program is by far the most important to me.

Do you support Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks recommendations for the Madison River Recreation Plan? Why or why not?

I strongly support the FWP recommendations. All of us, recreational anglers and commercial interest alike, need to share in the policies that will preserve the health of the river for the future.

Do you support walk-in wade only sections on the Madison River? Why or why not?

Yes, I support the walk-in wade only sections. Walk/wade fishing opportunities along the river are limited and should be a focus of river policy. Living along one of the proposed sections I see the increasing conflict between waders and boaters that has grown year by year.

Do you believe that the fishery will be impacted by overuse?

The river is already impacted by overuse. Overcrowding is contributing to a decline in both the quality of visitor experience and the health of the fishery. Fish-kill and targeting spawning fish in the stretch between the lakes need to end.

How important is advocacy on local, state, and federal policies to you?

Advocacy is critically important. Advocates in the past played a key role in maintaining the river for our generation and we need to do the same for the next.

What experience do you have with fundraising?

All of the fundraising experience I have is in the academic world, especially grant-writing for academic research projects.

How would you plan to increase fundraising for the Foundation as Board of Director?

In my view, the two most important things we can do are (1) increase MRF membership and (2) community education.

How much time a month can you commit to meetings and serving the mission of the Foundation?

Whatever is necessary. Being retired I make my own schedule.