The Madison River Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization founded in 2003 based in Ennis, Montana.

From a local endeavor with an emphasis on fly fishing, the Madison River Foundation has extended its vision to include consideration for initiatives from the headwaters of the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park to its confluence with the Missouri River in Three Forks, MT.

The Madison River Foundation is perfectly positioned to be a primary source of local support for projects or initiatives that might benefit the Madison River watershed. This position is further leveraged by the development of cooperative relationships with various governmental agencies and other conservation groups to pool resources and enter into joint endeavors.

With the help of volunteers, the Madison River Foundation is able to complete many projects ranging from river clean-up days to installing temporary electric fencing to prevent livestock from entering the Madison River and its tributaries. If you are interested in joining our volunteer list, please fill out the form below:

Banner photo copyright: Lauren Wittorp