We preserve, protect, and enhance the Madison River ecosystem for the mutual benefit of wildlife and all people who use it by employing professional expertise and advocating worthy public policy to ensure the future well-being of this valuable resource.


Madison River Riparian Restoration PLan

Recognizing the unique nature of the Madison River and its high quality fishery, the foundation desires to protect this valuable resource by restoring and enhancing its riparian, wetland and aquatic habitats.


Three dollar bridge Riparian restoration project

We are very excited to announce our first project of the Madison River Riparian Restoration Plan, The Three Dollar Bridge Riparian Restoration Project. The area is a popular fishing access site at the upstream end of the Restoration Planning Area. This location receives heavy recreational use and limiting factors include reduced floodplain connectivity, altered flow regime, livestock and wildlife impacts, and recreational impacts. To address these limiting factors and promote a desired future condition, the restoration concept for this area includes exclosure fencing, planting, formalizing fishing access trails, and enhancing connected off-channel habitat.

The Three Dollar Bridge Riparian Restoration Project is fully funded. Thank you to all our generous donors for the project and partners. The support makes it possible to preserve, protect, and enhance this iconic place on the Madison River spring 2019.